Art in the Alley Artists

Art on the Dinosaur

South Florida Science Museum

Lead Artist Sharon Koskoff
Annalisa & Jane LaRosa
Ben Krassner
Christos Michaelides
Dom Chiera
Elaine Kenny
Ellie Crowley
Glenn Laufer
John McCarthy
Karol & Ed Laakso
Melanie & Ella & Liam Larenas
Patricia Lynn
Patricia Peters
Pineapple Grove Designs Chris Hughes
Rob Zontin & Family
Sarah Rudes
Sharon Halupka White
Sharon Kurlychek
Sharon Nottingham
Steve Brouse
The Courtlands

2023 Art in the AlleyTM  

After 3 years of Darkness...

Renaissance in the Alley 2023... the Rebirth of Creativity!‚Äč

Paint Day ~ Saturday February 25, 2023
 Party Day~ Sunday March 5, 2023 Artist Attire
Creative minds collaborating in the community